Personal Trainer Salary Explained

Having a Level 3 qualification will allow you to work directly with clients, and as such, the average wage rises to £19,417 a year according to Payscale in the UK (working out at £20.15 an hour). Again this is only based level. I personally view personal training as a great way to earn extra income on the side rather than doing personal training full time.

Average session prices for freelance trainers in Norwich range from £25-35 a session. If you see a trainer charging less than £25 a session then I would start asking questions. This is excluding bulk or monthly payments.

Moving the money aspect to the side, we can’t argue with the fact that the fitness industry is an amazing industry to work in. You will meet amazing people, shape the lives of your clients, and learn the skills to inspire those you work and surround with.

However an independent trainer is largely free to set their own prices. This means, depending on a variety of factors including client lists and location, a personal trainer’s salary can rocket incredibly quickly especially if they other qualifications and specialisms such as a Level 3 Exercise Referral or a Level 4 qualification. 

From my own experience working as a personal trainer I found as soon as I started work as a freelance self employed trainer my earnings increased significantly, however this took years of working for gyms in Norwich at Nuffield and Bannatyne to build my clients and reputation.


How choosing the right gym affects both what and how you get paid after qualifying as a personal trainer with us:

Average salaries for personal trainers can be helpful for a general figure of what you might earn.

But in order to get a solid idea of what an average personal trainer salary is, you need to research what payment structures gyms are actually offering. How does a personal trainer salary at The Gym differ from a David Lloyd personal trainer salary, for example:

How much do personal trainers make, check out the picture below I found for some of the biggest gyms in the UK, and what personal trainer salary structures they offer their personal trainers. 

The graphic covers areas including personal trainer hourly rates (UK), what kind of numbers constitute a personal trainer average salary, and more generally, the question of how much do personal trainers make.