Learner Assessment Appeals Procedure:

All Learners have the right to challenge the outcomes of their assessment, if they consider the assessment has not been carried out properly.

Learners might appeal on a variety of issues listed below:

Conduct of the assessment:

Adequacy of the range, nature and comprehensiveness of the evidence when set against the national standards and evidence requirements

The opportunities offered in order to demonstrate competence of attainment

Access to assessment

Process of assessment

Access to Internal Verification

The handling of an appeal

Administrative issues e.g. failure to register/apply for certification

If a Learner wishes to appeal the appeal is to be lodged with the centre coordinator within 20 days of the Learner being notified of the assessment decision.

The centre co-ordinator will then attempt to find a solution with the Learner, Assessor/Tutor and Internal Verifier.

Failing this, the centre co-ordinator will:-

Set a date for the appeal to be considered by the appeals panel

Notify the External Verifier that an appeal has been lodged and gives detail of how it will be heard, including the composition of the appeals panel

The appeals panel will meet to consider the appeal within 30 working days of the centre co-ordinator receiving the appeal

No one involved in the original assessment will be on the panel.