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recommending the use of technology to clients

In this assignment you need to discuss 3 forms of technology and recommend one form of technology to your client.

Below I have attached, a form which lays out exactly how to do this assignment. I recommend you download this form. You can then either print it and write in your answers or you can type in your answers then print it off.

Please note:

When choosing your technology be very specific with the brand name and be very specific with the features and benefits that brand offers.

For example instead of “calorie counting app”, suggest a specific app. Eg Myfitnesspal, Nutracheck or Lifesum

Instead of “step-tracker”, suggest a specific step tracker such as Apple Watch, Garmin or Fitbit

Below is what the template looks like.


Below I have listed some forms of fitness technology you might want to research.


Activity/Heart rate