Introducing The TRAIN ME Flair Fitness App By Active IQ

We are excited to announce are new TRAIN ME Flair Fitness app which is an online platform for personal trainers to all of our previous and current learners.

It’s a pioneering technology for operators, PT’s and their clients, which uses a sophisticated algorithm to measure a PT’s performance and success using input from themselves, their employer and clients which produces a score.

This score will be based on education, client feedback, expertise and background.

It is designed to offer a complete picture of the trainer’s ability to both the operator and the client, as well as giving the trainer the opportunity to improve their practice. Students on the course will use the platform to complete modules, and capture and review relevant information for their learning process.

Learners will be able to record the course milestones via their phone, tablet or laptop using the Flair app. The training centre assessors can view this in real time ready for review and feedback.

The app will also have tools and exercise videos to aid learner experience during and after completion of the course.

Contact us for more information.

View the TRAIN ME Flair Fitness app at https://flair.fitness

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