Recent Student Highlights

We are extremely proud with the following learners who have gone the extra mile to qualify as personal trainers and group exercise instructors:

Fatima Painda who arrived to the UK as a refugee from Afghanistan is now working at a gym in Peterborough as a freelance personal trainer. She has recently graduated as a nurse from the University of East Anglia whilst studying our course. She has demonstrated high levels of dedication and work ethic to complete both qualifications.

Sam Pardoe who qualified as a personal trainer, suffers with Friedreich ataxia which is a rare genetic disease that causes difficulty walking, a loss of sensation in the arms and legs, and impaired speech. I remember receiving a phone call asking if he would be allowed on the course. He showed huge amounts of bravery and courage walking into the classroom on his first day, explaining his condition to the class. He became a popular member of his cohort. Sam now works and helps others who suffer with the same condition at the Wymondham leisure centre in Norwich.

John Patston who recently qualified as a studio cycling instructor at the age of 74. John has showed it’s never too late to do a fitness qualification. I remember meeting John at the gym on his first day. He had woke up at 4 o’clock to catch three buses traveling from Essex. This showed excellent levels of drive and enthusiasm.

Emily Moll who suffered a stroke a year ago recently passed as a personal trainer who is now currently studying her Level 4 in Stroke Rehabilitation. After qualifying Emily is looking to work and help clients who are recovering from a stroke. From meeting Emily for the first time to the final assessment we did for her course, we were extremely proud to see how much she had grown in confidence.

Written by: Kevin Mantle

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