Norfolk Health & Fitness

Food Diary Analysis (Page 7-9)

During the course you will need to analyse your client’s nutrition in relation to their goals using a food diary.


To prepare for this part of the case study you will need to:

    • Ascertain the client’s goals regarding healthy eating or any fitness-related objectives (e.g. healthy eating, fat loss, muscle gain, preparing for an event – this may include pre-event nutrition, nutrition during the event and post-event nutrition).

    • Provide the client with a seven-day food diary template to complete.

    • Explain to your client how to complete the food diary and ensure they complete it for seven days.

    • Obtain the completed food diary from your client, check that it has been completed in sufficient detail and ask additional clarification questions if required.

Review and analysis

You will need to review your client’s food diary and identify the following:

    • Any eating or drinking behaviours that are detrimental to the client’s health.

    • Any positive eating behaviours that the client should continue.


You will need to analyse the levels and consumption of the following:

  • Water/fluid.

  • Alcohol.

  • Caffeine.

  • Processed foods.

  • Macronutrients.


You will need to work within your scope of practice to:

      • Recommend the eating behaviours that the client should change to meet their goals.

      • Recommend to the client how to tailor their nutrition to meet their goals.

      • Identify any potential barriers to change that your client may face and suggest ways that you can help your client overcome these barriers.

      • Identify how training will affect your client’s nutritional requirements. Include any recommendations related to the client’s fitness goals.

You must include a copy of the client’s food diary and your analysis and recommendations within your portfolio.