Tips for Newly Qualified Personal Trainers

So you’ve just qualified as a personal trainer with us: congratulations! An exciting future of fitness lies ahead of you, and it’s time to put everything you have learned on our course to the test. Remember Damion, Harry and myself are always here for help and advice if you need it!

Norfolk Health & Fitness top tips to help kickstart your life as a PT:

1: Forget mates’ rates:train friends for free!

Now you’re starting to work as a personal trainer for the first time, it helps if your first few clients can help you practice your skills without too much pressure. That’s where friends and family come in handy: treat them to free sessions and use time with them to hone your training techniques. Remember, though: these people could one day become paying customers, so make sure you stay professional.

2: Show them what you’re made of

Once you’ve started to train clients, paying or not, remember to keep tabs on their progress: how much weight they’ve lost, how much muscle they’ve gained or any other goals they reach with your help. If your clients are happy for you to do so, take before-and-after photos of them is a very useful tool for showing potential customers what’s possible with your training. Try to take pics of consenting clients’ progress every two weeks – not only will this help to draw others to your business, but it can be very motivating for your photographed client to see how far they’ve come. Make sure you gain consent first!

3: Boost your knowledge

There are always new trends to consider building into your training, and more information on fitness and health to absorb. Make the internet your classroom, and check out all the research and insights it makes available for free, 24/7. Once you’ve found your particular areas of interest, there are plenty of add-on courses you can invest in to tailor your offering to clients.

4: Get connected

Get to know useful people in your community – from doctors and physiotherapists to nutritionists and osteopaths – and let them know what you’re offering on the fitness front. Start building mutually beneficial relationships, where you can recommend their services to clients and vice versa.

5: Stay fit yourself

As a personal trainer, people will expect you to practice what you preach, your body is your business card – so make sure you keep time in your schedule for your own fitness plan. Whether you work out in a gym or elsewhere, it’s essential to ensure your technique is always perfect, and you’re looking professional – perhaps in a shirt with your brand name printed on it. You never know when or where you might meet your next client!

Kevin Mantle (Founder and Managing Director)

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