Kevin’s top seven reading recommendations for fitness professionals:


1. NSCA Essentials of Strength and Conditioning
A staple strength and conditioning book, this textbook covers the key principles of strength and conditioning perfectly for a new trainer.

2. ACSM Exercise Management for Persons with Chronic Disease and Disability
This book for me is the bible for chronic disease prescription. This book has been around a while and is regularly updated. The book’s key prescription tables and summary points make it easy reading.

3. ACSM Exercise Testing and Prescription
A really useful reference book. Written in an easy-to-read format, it covers all you need to know about testing and prescription.

4. Strength Training Anatomy (Delavier)
This fantastic book is extremely engaging, with amazing illustrations. It guides you through key traditional exercises, what muscles they work and key coaching techniques.

5. Complete Guide to Strength Training. (Anita Bean)
Anita Bean is an extremely good writer and well respected author. This book helped me to understand periodisation at a time where I found I truly hadn’t grasped it.

6. Complete Guide to Sports Nutrition (Anita Bean)
Nutrition in the fitness industry is always a minefield. This book is evidence based and tells you exactly how it is. The book is extremely applied, which is important when working in a vocational industry.

7. Exercise Physiology and Functional Anatomy (Colin Clegg)
Getting to grips with exercise physiology and all the terms that come with it, this book is well written with clear line diagrams and images that really aid in helping you to understand the material.

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