How to become a PureGym Personal Trainer


PureGym are now the largest gym chain within the UK with over 1 million members and over 212 sites across the UK. PureGym have invested over 400 million since incorporation in 2009 and had over 50 million visits in 2017 to their various sites.

After visiting Pure Gym opening day yesterday on Aylsham road in Norwich, I was really impressed with the equipment and facilities they offer.

Another Pure Gym will also be opening in the Castle Mall in Norwich this July.

PureGym employs over 2,500 personal trainers across the UK, but how to do you become a personal trainer with PureGym?

Firstly, you need to find a Pure Gym personal trainer course provider, that works with Pure Gym that can help you through their connections become a PureGym personal trainer. Here at Norfolk Health & Fitness, we work with Pure Gym to help place graduates into personal training positions across East Anglia.


What qualifications do you need to work at Pure Gym?


PureGym personal trainers must possess either a REPs or CIMSPA recognised qualification.  These two accreditation stamps help give employers such as PureGym the knowledge that they have undertaken the appropriate quality of training. As a Pure Gym personal trainer course provider, Norfolk Health & Fitness qualifications are recognised by REPs and CIMSPA.


What is the PureGym personal trainer Salary?


Once you have completed your qualifications with a PureGym personal trainer course provider. You might be wondering how much do PureGym personal trainers make or what is the PureGym personal trainer salary?

Firstly, you need to understand that every gym chain is different and have different personal training structures to how a trainer is paid or how they can earn money. At PureGym they operate through a freelance based structure, where personal trainers either choose to give 15 hours free time towards the gym or paying rent on a monthly basis.


What will you do within those 15 hours?


  • Sales tours
  • Gym Inductions
  • Health Checks
  • Walking the gym floor
  • Conducting classes
  • Cleaning gym equipment

If you elect to go for the 15 hour free option to keep your overheads down, you normally will work three lots of 5 hour shifts. Outside of the 15 hours, you can choose the days and hours you wish to work, whether you want to work just evenings, just mornings or both morning and evenings, the choice is up to you. Just bear in mind when becoming a PureGym personal trainer you are now a business owner and especially when you first start out you need to put the hours in to earn a good personal trainer salary at PureGym.

PureGym are of the few national chains that allow you to keep 100% of the money you earn. The PureGym personal trainer costs and fees you decide to charge members is down to you as an individual, you can customise your own packages, create special offers and promotions or adapt your pricing based on how much other trainers their charge.

According to Glassdoor, the average personal trainer salary a PureGym personal trainer earns is £22,773 (outside of London).

How much is rent at PureGym as a personal trainer?


If you do not like the sound of giving some free time away, then you can elect to pay personal training rent at PureGym.

Personal trainer rent at PureGym does vary from club to club and changes based on location. For example the average personal trainer rent for PureGym in London is around £800 per month, but this drastically decreases outside of London to an average personal trainer rent of just £500 per month for example in Norwich.

If you charge clients £35 per hour for two sessions per week, you would only need two paying clients to cover your monthly rent, then you would make profit on every sale thereafter.

PureGym License Fees


PureGym personal trainers have to pay an annual license fee, on top of the monthly personal training rent at PureGym. The PureGym license fee is £240 one off fee and covers your uniform, Insurance, business cards, website profile and marketing, amongst other essentials.

PureGym Personal Trainer Job Description:

If you like the sound of becoming a PureGym personal trainer, then take a look at the job description to see if you match their needs:

PureGym Personal Trainer Reviews


What is it like to work for PureGym as a personal trainer?

The best people to ask are always the trainers themselves. Review sites for employers such as on or Indeed allow employees both anonymously or using their real names, past and present to leave an employment review.

Glassdoor – PureGym Personal Trainer Reviews

Indeed – PureGym Personal Trainer Reviews

Indivdual personal trainer reviews:

What Benefits do you get working for as a PureGym Personal Trainer?


  • Up to 34 days annual leave (includes your birthday)
  • Free gym membership for you and a friend
  • Private medical and life insurance
  • Becoming a PureGym manager you may get care allowance, performance bonus and rent free personal training
  • full pension scheme
  • Maternity benefit scheme
  • Childcare vouchers

Becoming a PureGym manager


With the size that PureGym has become brings certain advantages in relation to progression for those would love to become a PureGym manager or assistant manager. With 212 sites and three managers per site, one being the general manager and two assistant managers, that means PureGym employs 636 managers across the UK. The volume of managerial positions offers a great avenue for established trainers to progress into more senior management positons.

Becoming a PureGym manager as a personal trainer is also a realistic prospect, as PureGym managers also have to be qualified personal trainers and through their management development programme.

PureGym Courses (Career Development)


PureGym are one of the most committed gym chains to developing their own trainers in the UK. They offer ILM Management development qualifications and internal L & D Programmes, which keep their trainers up to date with ever evolving industry trends and helps them develop the skills required for management.

PureGym Interview Process:


The typical Puregym interview process is normally delivered in one day as a group day with other candidates present by one of the assistant or club managers.

This typically involves conducting either a short part of group training, class or gym induction and then. You will face a short interview at the end where they will delve a little deeper into you as an individual, your experience, customer service, training knowledge and career motivations.


After finding out more about becoming a PureGym personal trainer and you wish to start an amazing new career. Complete your qualifications with Norfolk Health & Fitness, we will guarantee an interview with PureGym upon completion at your local clubs in Norwich, Ipswich and Cambridge.

Written by Kevin Mantle (Managing Director)

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