Setting Your Rates as a Personal Trainer: How Much Should You Charge?

As an experienced personal trainer with 18 years in the fitness industry, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing countless fitness journeys and honing my skills to help individuals achieve their fitness dreams. Now, If I was to offer personal training services, my current pricing structure would reflect my years of expertise and dedication to delivering results.

The Heart of Our Approach

My experience has taught me that it’s not just about counting sessions, it’s about delivering tangible results. My approach revolves around personalisation and unwavering commitment. It’s about tailoring client’s fitness journey to their unique needs, guiding clients every step of the way, and delivering transformation, not just workouts.

Investment in Your Fitness Journey

Understanding the diverse needs of clients, the following would be my current pricing options, reflecting the invaluable insights and expertise gained over the years:

  1. Transformational Monthly Packages: Priced at £250 per month, this flagship offering includes two sessions a week. This package strikes a balance between affordability and comprehensive support, offering the structure required for lasting change.
  2. Small Group Training: Small group training option, with sessions twice a week, is priced at £150 per month with a max group of up to six individuals. This environment fosters community and mutual motivation, allowing group members to share their journeys and achieve results together.
  3. Single Sessions: For those seeking flexibility, I would provide one-off sessions at £50 each. This option is ideal for those with fluctuating schedules or for those looking for occasional boosts once we have conducted a consultation.

Results, Not Just Workouts

I understand that a one-size-fits-all approach is seldom effective. True transformation begins with understanding your starting point and where you want to go. This is why I would place a strong emphasis on comprehensive consultations and functional movement screenings, which provide invaluable insights to tailor workouts for maximum impact.

Adapting for Your Success

As my journey in the fitness industry continues, I acknowledge the importance of evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of clients. The rates I’ve established are a reflection of the growing value and expertise personal trainers bring to the table. This allows us to maintain the highest level of service, invest in ongoing education and certifications, and continue to drive towards their fitness aspirations.

With years of experience in helping individuals achieve their fitness goals. We’re not just selling sessions, we’re offering the opportunity to transform lives. Our rates mirror the value we place on results, and our dedication to success.

Written by Kevin Mantle

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