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Elevating Your Personal Training Business: Why Black Friday Might Not Be the Best Fit

As the shopping frenzy of Black Friday approaches, businesses across industries gear up for promotional campaigns and enticing offers. However, when it comes to personal training services, the decision to participate in Black Friday may not align with the long-term success and reputation of your business. In this blog, we explore why personal trainers might reconsider jumping on the Black Friday bandwagon and suggest alternative strategies that can benefit both trainers and clients.

1. Risk of Upsetting Current Clients

Black Friday deals often attract attention by offering significant discounts. While this can be an effective strategy for retail, personal training services involve a more personal and ongoing relationship with clients. Offering steep discounts to new clients or for a limited time can leave your existing clients feeling undervalued or questioning the consistency of your pricing structure.

2. Devaluation of Your Service

Personal training is an investment in one’s health and well-being. By heavily discounting your services on Black Friday, you risk devaluing the expertise and quality of the training you provide. Clients may begin to question the standard pricing and wonder if the discounted rate reflects the true value of your skills and commitment.

3. Attraction of the Wrong Types of Clients

Black Friday promotions can attract clients solely motivated by a good deal rather than a genuine commitment to their fitness journey. Such clients may be less likely to stay committed in the long run, potentially leading to a higher turnover rate and a less stable client base.

4. Risk of Losing Prime Time Slots for Less Paying Clients

By offering Black Friday discounts, you might find yourself inundated with new clients seeking your services at a reduced rate. While this may initially boost your client numbers, it could lead to a shift in your schedule, with prime time slots being occupied by clients paying less than your standard rate. This could impact your overall revenue and the satisfaction of your long-term, higher-paying clients.

Alternative Approach: Emphasise Value and Future Opportunities

Rather than participating in Black Friday discounts, consider promoting the value of your services and the benefits of consistency in training. Highlight the expertise, individualised attention, and long-term results that clients receive by investing in your training programmes.

1. Take Advantage of Current Pricing Before Future Increases

Communicate to your clients that your pricing may be subject to change in the upcoming year. Encourage them to take advantage of the current pricing structure, emphasising the value they receive for their investment. This not only retains the loyalty of existing clients but also positions your services as a wise and worthwhile investment.

2. Offer Early Bird Prices for Future Challenges

Instead of a Black Friday discount, consider introducing early bird prices for upcoming challenges or programmes. For example, promote a January fitness challenge with discounted rates for those who sign up early. This approach encourages commitment without devaluing your standard pricing.

Conclusion: Strategic Thinking Over Short-Term Gains

While Black Friday can be a tempting opportunity for businesses, personal trainers should weigh the long-term consequences against short-term gains. By refraining from Black Friday discounts and instead emphasising the ongoing value of your services, you not only protect the integrity of your brand but also foster a client base committed to their fitness journey for the long haul. Strategic thinking, consistent pricing, and a focus on the unique value you provide can set the stage for sustained success in the competitive world of personal training.

Written by Kevin Mantle

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